What Roller Shades are the best choice for your desired privacy and light filtering needs

What Roller Shades are the best choice for your desired privacy and light filtering needs

What Roller Shades are the best choice for your desired privacy and light filtering needs

Are you looking to furnish your windows with new roller shades, but are at a loss of what would be the right product to meet your needs? When shopping for roller shades, you likely will come across terms such as “Opacity or Openness” “Light-filtering” and “Blackout”. These terms refer to the amount of light that will pass through that type of roller shade. For example, blackout shades block 100% of the light and visibility. Light-filtering shades are translucent shades that filter the light to allow a soft glow to warm the room while still offering privacy. Terms such as openness and percentage of opacity are relevant when buying Solar shades. Solar shades are available in various levels of openness to block different levels of UV rays depending on the sun exposure in your home. 

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Can you see through Roller Shades at night?

Some roller window shades offer privacy at all hours while some offer privacy only during the daytime. Blackout shades offer full privacy during the day and nighttime and are ideal for private spaces such as bedrooms and bathrooms. Translucent shades will offer privacy at all hours of the day but at night there may be slight visibility from the outside.


Solar shades are the most efficient shades if your desire is to block harmful UV rays. During the day, you can see through the shade while blocking the view from those outside, giving you privacy. However, at night time the effect is reversed. When there is light inside of your home and it is dark outside there will be clear visibility into your home from the outside. So if privacy if at the top of your list of needs for window coverings, solar shades are likely not the choice for you. If you live in a secluded area and night time privacy is not a top priority and you would mainly like to block the heat and sun from entering your home, solar shades are a great option that will also be economical as they limit the heat entering a room, cooling it down significantly in the hotter summer months. 

What is opacity?

Opacity, or openness, refers to the percentage of light that passes through solar shades. The openness of a solar shade is important to know when choosing a roller shade because it will determine how much light will enter the room when the shade is closed. Solar shades come in variety of openness, typically 1%, 3%, 5% and 10%. The higher the percentage, the more visibility you will have and the more light will enter the room. The lower percentage shades are very effective for blocking much of the sun’s harmful rays while still offering a level visibility to the outside.


If your main goal is to block visibility at nighttime, the best window covering solution would be a blackout shade. These window roller shades can be mounted inside or outside the window frame and when paired with a light gap blocker and decorative valence, will offer you full privacy and protection from the sun!


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