Roller shades

Roller shades

  • Blackout or light filtering roller shades
  • Simple and elegant design
  • Silent Rollease mechanism with a lifetime warranty

Roller shades

Roller shades

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If you are looking for an all-purpose, easy maintenance and esthetic shade, the roller window shade, also known as roller blinds, is the perfect choice. This modern window treatment will fit perfectly with any décor in any room. Not only are these custom quality shades with premium features and components an economical choice, they come with an excellent lifetime warranty for the mechanism and 5 years for the fabric. Our blackout rollers are made up of 4 ply’s of fabric which are superimposed, giving you 4 layers of protection. Blackout roller shades and decorative roller shades are both part of our roller shade collection and offered in a variety of different coloured and textured fabrics.

Blackout roller shades will block 100% of the light, allowing you to have complete darkness in your bedroom or home theatre room. Made of vinyl or a mixture of acrylic and polyester, these shades are sure to last. With a simplistic yet modern look, we’re confident you’ll be able to find the right model of blackout blind to suit your style.

Decorative  roller shades are the complete opposite of blackout blinds. They are designed to diffuse the light to allow brightness in the room in which they are installed. Their function is dual since they will also give you privacy, with most models preventing people from seeing into your home. Roller shades come in many different colours and also some neat designs and patterns. Mix and match these budget-friendly shades to spruce up the look of your home.

Each shade is precision engineered for smooth operation, consistent use and minimal light space, providing greater privacy in your space.

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Blackout blinds have several advantages, the main ones being obvious: complete darkness and privacy! But these blinds are also easy to use and multi-functional. The silent lift mechanism glides effortlessly to allow the shade to be raised or lowered to your desired height. They will also help save on heating and cooling costs since when fully drawn, these blinds will serve as strong sun repellent to keep your space cool in the summer.

Window covering is an option that gives you complete control over the light and privacy in your home.


Light filtering roller shades are made of thin fabrics which are ideal for reducing glare and maintaining your privacy. A popular choice for living rooms, dining rooms and kitchens, these shades will allow the natural light to enter the room. Known for its versatility, light control roller shades are also an inexpensive option to add to any room needing an update or change of colour contrasts. The hardware included with your light filtering roller shade is made of stainless steel and will allow you to install your blind in no time!

Child Safety: Many parents of young children are concerned about the lift cord that is used to raise blinds. Roller shades with the cordless option is the ideal solution!


Choosing the perfect roller shade is not easy. To help you make the right choice of material, type of cassette, winding system and the variety of colors, here are the options available to you.

Cassettes and Fascia

There are several different types of options to upgrade your roller shade to include a cassette or fascia that will cover the roll and enhance the look of the blind. Made of durable aluminum, these additional features are a popular choice. The cassette comes with or without fabric and the 4” fascia and square cassettes provide an industrial look . Add these options in Option Plus when customizing your roller shades.

2 shades on the same headrail

Perfect for patio doors or very wide windows, you can customize your roller shades so that there will be 2 separate panels which you can operate independently on the same headrail. We offer this option at the same price as if you were to buy 2 independent blinds – you do not pay any additional fees for the 2 on 1 option. This feature will give you optimal control.

Cordless lift system

Cordless blinds and more and more on trend. Whether you are looking for a child-safe option or just a clean look for your home, the cordless option is an affordable middle ground between having a stainless steel chain or motorizing your blind. To raise or lower the roller shade, simply gently push up or down on the bottom rail. This system is ideal for homes with children.


Home automation is more accessible than ever. The motors are silent, yet powerful and will be your ally for those hard to reach windows or simply for your convenience. Choose from different motorization packages: battery, solar or wired. Each package includes all you need to operate your motorized blinds, which come pre-programmed and with a 5-year warranty. Add home automation to your custom blinds to raise and lower your blinds with and simple press of a button.


What are the different types of roller shades?

There are 2 main types of roller shades: decorative roller shades, which diffuse the light and maintain some privacy, and blackout roller shades, which completely block the light for a room darkening effect. Decorative roller shades are popular for living or dining rooms whereas blackout roller shades are ideal for bedrooms.

Do you offer a cordless option?

Yes, when customizing your roller shade, you will have the option to choose the cordless option instead of having a plastic or metal chain. This option is popular for households with small children or pets. We also have motorization packages if you are looking to automate your space.

Is installation easy?

Installation is fast and easy. Simple instructions and all of the necessary hardware is included with your order. Instructions are also online on our How to Install page. All you need for installation is a screwdriver or electric drill. No specialized skills or previous experience necessary!

Will people be able to see inside my house if I have light filtering roller shades?

Light filtering shades will diffuse the daylight and will also prevent people from the outside from seeing inside your home. Depending on the fabric, they may be able to see shapes or silhouettes at night, but will not be able to see any details through the shades.

What are the most popular colours?

White is a classic color that goes with any style. It’s modern and fresh looking. However, many people are also choosing shades of gray or taupe to match their current decor.

Do I need to add extra height to the roller shade so that there is additional fabric?

No, there is no need to add anything. All of our roller shades come with up to 6″ of additional material so that there is always  extra in case you pull the shade a little too far. See our How to Measure page for more detailed instructions on taking measurements.

Are your roller shades made with good quality fabrics and hardware?

Absolutely! Our products are assembled in the United States and materials are sourced from industry leading manufacturers. We offer free samples so that you can see and feel the quality of our fabrics prior to ordering.

What are my options for covering the roll at the top of the shade?

We offer several different cassette options to add to your roller shade when customizing your order. Our classic aluminium cassette can be covered with a fabric insert if desired, or perhaps you prefer the modern square cassette or 4″ fascia for a more bold look. Cassette colours are always matched to your chosen colour of fabric.

What is the difference between battery, solar and wired motorization?

Battery motors use rechargeable batteries to automate the shade while solar motorization will also include a solar panel to harness the sun’s energy. Wired motorization will be installed into your existing electrical system.


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