Window Roller Shades: common mistakes to avoid and their solutions

Window Roller Shades: common mistakes to avoid and their solutions


Roller shades are a great window covering option that is very affordable and fits almost all blind needs, whether it be to block light and visibility, or simply filter the light, you can be sure to find a roller shade that will work for your needs! These shades are timeless and come in a wide variety of colours and designs to suit any design style or decor theme. However, there are some common issues that can arise when outfitting your windows with roller shades. If you plan on purchasing roller blinds, read below where will discuss the various types of roller shades and some common issues and how to resolve them.

How to keep Window Roller Shades from moving in the wind

Custom made roller shades are made of panels of fabric that are quite light. If you plan on mounting the roller shades on a door or a large window, you may experience some issues from the wind. As window roller shades are light, they can easily move in the breeze from an open window or patio door. This can be quite annoying and potentially damage your blind over time, especially if a rock or other object gets blown inside by the wind or the blind gets caught in the door or window as it closes. Thankfully there are a few solutions that can alleviate this problem! The first is a solution we have thought of for you! All of our roller shades come with a weighted bottom bar to keep the blind hanging even and straight. This extra weight will also increase the blinds resistance to the effects of the wind. Another solution is to use screw hold down brackets on the ends of the bottom bar. These are available with all of our window roller shades as an add on. Be sure to ask us about this option before purchasing your blind if you wish to install it on a door or patio doors.


If you don’t want to screw brackets into the bottom of your door or if this is not an option (like a glass patio door) a great DIY solution is to glue magnets to the door where the bottom bar will fall when the blind is fully closed. As the bottom bar is made of metal they will catch on the magnets when the blind is descended and prevent it from moving in the wind. However, this solution is not as sturdy as the hold down brackets.

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Other common issues to avoid with blackout roller shades

It is important to note that blackout roller shades are not always the same colour on both sides. The side of fabric facing the street will always be white regardless of colour choice. If you need identical fabric back and front, consider buying a translucent or solar roller shade.


Blackout roller shades will not block 100% of the light unless you add a valence and light gap blockers. Contact one of our window roller shades specialists today to discover all your options!

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