Custom Roller Shades

Custom Roller Shades


custom roller shades

Built and customized to fit your needs, discover our custom roller shades.

Our custom made roller shades cover a wide variety of functions and designs. They are all-purpose and easy to maintain while also looking great. It’s the perfect way to add a modern and elegant twist to your interior decor. Pick a style, colour, size, and mechanism, and you’re all set. 

We offer the best prices for custom roller shades. You can create exactly what you need for your home and style, without breaking the budget. Even better, our shades come with a lifetime warranty for the mechanism and 5 years for the fabric.

Customized to Your Liking

Size, length, colour, create your dream custom roller shades. There are many options when creating your shades to fit perfectly with your windows, needs, and style. Choose from:

1. Cassettes and Fascia

Choose between a cassette or fascia to cover the shade’s roll. Made of strong aluminum, clients love durability. Opting for the cassettes can be done with or without a fabric covering for a soft look, while the fascia and square cassette offer an industrial aesthetic. You can add these options to your custom roller shades via Option Plus when customizing your roller shades.

2. Two Shades on the Same Headrail

If you are looking to cover patio doors or a large window, opting for two shades on the same headrail is perfect. It allows for two separate panels which can be operated independently on the same headrail. You have complete control to set your room to the perfect lighting and privacy. This option is available for the same price as buying two separate blinds, there are no additional fees.

3. Cordless Lift System

We are seeing cordless roller shades more and more from clients. Whether for a child or pet-safe environment, even for a clean look, it is an affordable option between chain or motorized roller shades. Function-wise, simply push the bottom rail up or down.

4. Motorization

Home automation is bigger than ever. The motors are silent but efficient and an ally for hard-to-reach windows and convenient control. When customizing your roller shades, choose from a variety of motorized packages including battery, solar, and wired. 

Each package includes everything you need to install and control the shades. Opt for motorized roller shades for easy control of your blinds at a click of a button. 

5. Color and Style

When customizing your roller shades, choose from an array of colours, fabrics, patterns, and designs. There is no need to settle on a colour or look, the options are endless.

custom roller shades

Types of Custom Roller Shades

At Window Roller Shades, we offer two types of roller shades. Both are offered in our custom roller shade line and are offered in an assortment of colours and textures. 

Blackout Roller Shades

Blackout roller shades are made with up to 4-ply of superimposed fabric creating four layers of protection and coverage. These are made to block out 100% of the light so your room can be in complete darkness, even on the sunniest of days. Fabricated with vinyl, acrylic, and polyester, our blackout roller shades are durable. You’ll love the modern minimalist aesthetic and quality.

Decorative Roller Shades

Decorative roller shades provide any room with privacy without blocking out the natural light. They are the complete opposite of our blackout roller shades. Enjoy a diffused light while feeling protected from the outside. These roller shades are chic and modern. Available in multiple colours and patterns, our decorative roller shades are an amazing budget-friendly way to spruce up your home. 

custom roller shades

Easy Installation

Installing our custom roller shades is easy. Everything you need, including instructions and necessary hardware, is included with your order. You can also find the instructions on our website for easy access. 

Even better, installation doesn’t require any crazy tools, just a screwdriver or electric drill! No need to be a handyman or have previous experience - it’s that easy. 


We are the leading creators of custom roller shades. All of the components of our shades are assembled in the United States and offered with a lifetime warranty. Our custom roller shades have been exceeding the expectations of our loyal customers for over 15 years. Every one of our projects is worth mentioning.


Can roller shades be cut to size?

Many people find it difficult to find and install new roller shades that fit their windows. That’s why our custom roller shades represent our brand and mission so well. “Unusual and hassle-free service with quality, trendy products, while having the best possible price.” No more DIY projects or complicated manual adjustments. We offer easy installation and quality products. 

What is the difference between the battery, solar, and wired motorized roller shades?

Simply put, battery motors use rechargeable batteries for automation for the shades. Solar motorization is powered by the sun’s energy through a solar panel. Lastly, wired motorized roller shades are installed with your current electrical system to run smoothly. 

Do you offer cordless roller shades?

When creating your custom roller shades, you have the option to choose between the cordless option or a chain made of plastic or metal. Opting for no chain is popular amongst clients who have small children or pets. If you are looking to automate your space, we also offer motorized packages. 

Do I need to add more height to my custom roller shades to add additional fabric? 

Nope! With our custom roller shades, you don’t need to add anything. They are all available with up to 6 inches of additional material to ensure there is always extra in case the shade is pulled too far.

What are the different options for covering the roll of my roller shades?

We offer multiple different cassette options to cover your custom roller shades. Our aluminum-based cassette can be covered with a fabric inserted or you can also opt for our modern square cassette for a bold look. In every case, the cassette is always matched to the colors of your chosen fabric. 

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