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Window roller shades is Recognized in the industry as specialists in custom roller shades, our window shades are proudly made in Canada and will satisfy the most demanding customer. Whether you are looking to   

choose from the Blackout Shades, Solar Shades and Light Filtering Shades from the Product menu. Dress your window or to modernize your entire home, the quality of our products, our low prices and quantity discounts will amaze you.  


Window roller shades - the window treatment specialist


Leader in custom blinds, our window roller shades are fabricated from one of the Canadian largest manufacturers using materials of the highest quality to build our valued stores that will satisfy the most demanding customer. Our blinds, whether you are looking to dress a window, to modernize your entire home or enhance the look of your work environment, will amaze you without a doubt. With their high quality, low prices and quantity discounts on a multiple item purchase you will be impressed. Each customer will find a lower price than what you would pay in any stores…. Guarantee!

We are proud to be the experts in America of the window roller shades. We understand that it can be sometimes a real challenge to find the perfect window coverings for variable dimensions of doors or windows, especially when you want to coordinate and match the design with the rest of the room. Our window roller shades fit all décor styles and are of a designer quality. Whether your space has a Classic & Traditional look, a Country & Rustic style, a more Urban and Modern touch, a Vintage, Natural, Electrical, Scandinavian, Zen or even Industrial style, there will be choice for you and a high level of satisfaction.

Our experts are available to support and thrilled to maintain and make the customer shopping experience an enjoyable moment. The support of our experts will definitely help to better target your needs and guide you in selecting the best window roller shades throughout the entire process. We make the Customer Service experience a priority which will definitely surprise you and even surpass your expectations. Not only our expert will know to guide you in your choices but will also be there to support with the measurements. We are here to help!

Vision Statement

We intend to be the North-American’s leading supplier of window treatment  in terms of initial quality and market share. To our customers, this leadership will deliver owner satisfaction and peace of mind in all areas from initial purchase to service. Our marketing efforts will support the brand promise in an inviting and intuitive manner that focuses on the unique attributes associated with the window roller shades. By our customer-centric initiatives, our goal is to elevate the company reputation and result in brand loyalty and consumer advocacy.

Mission Statement

Our company is committed to improve the window roller shades customer’s experience. With our free delivering services of samples as well as for all of our stores, which improve the ultimate paid price, the high quality of our products, we are also committed to help you generating an environment that creates ambiance and memories that last a lifetime. To accomplish this, we will engage in operational excellence and deploy flexible along with effective logistic strategies that ensures and deliver the highest level of quality of our window roller shades, to your door, in a very short period.

Operating Principles

The selected goals that defines our operating principles in a goal to satisfy at our best our valued customers resides in Taking Care of our customers
Working Together as well as Seeking & Offering Perfection with our Window Roller Shades.

Personalized experience - Zero concern

Each of the window rollers shades are manufactured and tailored according to the customer’s needs and requirements. We ensure that a specialist is available at all steps of the process from the ordering to the delivery and installation of the window roller shades to support you in making it smooth and easy. Our experts can assist you to beautify your environment by taking advantage of our installation services to ensure that the desired window roller shades layout perfectly meet our customer’s expectations. Take a look at our produ

Solar window roller shades

We Care About the Details

  All of our blinds and shades are certified ENVIROGREEN, they do not emit any volatile organic compounds into the environment. Window shades are also certified GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality safe for children and schools. 


We Care About the look and the Details


All of our window roller shades are certified ENVIROGREEN and they do not emit any volatile organic compounds into the environment. Covering and appropriately using the window roller shades during outside warm and cold weather periods may considerably improve energy saving costs.

Air Quality

The window roller shades are also certified GREENGUARD indoor Air Quality safe for children and are appropriate for schools as well as for any work environments.


Child Safety

All of our products are conforming to safety guidelines & regulations, and a vast assortment of our window treatment choices come with standard or optional cordless lift systems. Cordless window roller shades are the safest and most convenient option for any home with children or pets since the presence of dangling cords can be avoided. While we strongly recommend cordless shades for the ultimate safety, the hazards associated to any of our corded window roller shades can be reduced by using cord cleats an approved anti-strangulation mechanism. Cord cleats definitely help to keep cords isolated and out of the reach.

Using the cordless and chainless optional motorization system on our custom Shades provides further safety to your house residents.

Our Roller Shades online are made of material that offer a fire-retardant protection using high standard that are aligned with insurance requirements. 

You will find on all of our manufactured products appropriate and descriptive warning labels, stickers and bilingual installation instructions where important safety information is communicated to our customers.

    UV rays and light protection

The roller shades protect against glare and UV rays whether you choose from low shading rate roller shades or a Blackout models. The Blackout shades are chosen to block out natural light, seek better privacy from you Window roller shades or fulfil desire to block sunlight in your bedroom, nurseries, child’s room, home theater room as well as provide appropriate lighting for a projection in a conference room. 

The variety of window roller shades have been designed to ensure complete privacy, a degree of insulation but also designed to offer protection of your valuable furniture, floor and fabrics against direct sunlight exposure.

Solar window roller shades

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

 We install a wide variety of quality custom blinds and shades to meet all your window treatment needs. Add style and elegance to your decor with any of our fashionable window shades. Our goal is to ensure your complete satisfaction with our roller shades online. Not only with the superior quality of our products, but with your overall shopping experience. Let our specialists guide you to find the blind or shade that is right for you. 


Since our product are manufactured using high-quality standards and are recognized by designers, we offer a lifetime Warranty on all of our window roller shades components and a 5-year warranty on shades. 

When choosing to use a motorization system a 5-year warranty is also offered on the mechanism and the controlling device without any additional fee.


Our window roller shades are chosen from experts in interests of their quality, durability and reliability. In addition to their functionality and light control flexibility, you will be able to choose from a wide selection of styles made from top quality fabrics 

  which offer a perfect amount of warmness and natural light to your house. Our fabric collection is diversified and is offering great patterns, designs in a variety of colors.

You will find the same Quality standard in all of our offered window roller shades models whether you chose from the Roller, the Blackout roller shades, the Light filtering roller shades, the Solar shades, Cellular shades, Sheer shades or Pleated shades.

Our products are known to be versatile and durable.


Custom Window Roller Shades Advantages


Our website was developed to allow the ordering of any samples in only few clicks. Select the product of your choices on o window shades

As part of our services offered, we have a dedicated team at your disposition to ensure the precise measurement of the windows to be dressed. The team is reliable and will at your convenience be taking measurement to ensure that our window roller shades fits perfectly to the windows. Alternatively, you will also find a measurement guide on our web page if you wish to perform the measurements.

Installation tips and Installation services

We want to help you choose, measure and install yourself your new window covering shades... but we are here every step of the way. Our technical tips include many how-to instructions, including how to install narrow or tight fit blinds and troubleshooting a wide range of issues you may encountered.

Need help measuring? It’s simple with our step-by-step written instructions that you will find on our website. Our buying guides help you find the perfect window roller shades dimensions to fit any need and room in your home.

We also provide installation services for all the window roller shades models which is a rapid and easy way to provide a great new look to your environment. Our experts will take care of your and will adorn your bedroom, your living area or your workplace in a heartbeat. Call us to take an appointment with the closest expert available in your area. 


All of our window roller shades are easy of care and require low maintenance. All of our products may be easily cleaned softly with a feather duster, a soft tissue, a dusting glove or even with vacuum brush.

The window roller shades may be cleaned with humidified sponge and be dried out with a soft tissue applying a light pressure. 

A device to Zenitude - motorization

To further enhance the window roller shades experience, we offer different models of motorization systems, which is amongst other benefits, ideal for hard to reach windows. The motorization systems offered are simple to install and are available in three (3) different models that do not require any electrical modification or installation. 

By choosing the Cabled, Battery or the Solar motorization system options you will be able to control all your window roller shades using the Bluetooth function from your smart phone or your tablet, and this, from the comfort of your bed or the sofa. The motorization system is provided with a controller which has state of the art embedded WiFi technology enabling you to control your shades from anywhere using the cloud. 

The selection of one of the three (3) offered monitoring system removes the use of extra chain and cords, they are discrete, aesthetic and also very convenient.

All motorization system offered all satisfy the rigorous Child Safety regulations.


All prices indicated on our website are in US dollars and includes the full delivery service ; you will not encounter any shipping, brokerage or duty/custom charges.

Whether you are looking to garnish a modern style environment or rejuvenate your living or working space, the window roller shades will satisfy and embellish your day to day life. We are looking forward in providing you with the best quality/prices window roller shades and thank you for visiting our we

blackout window roller shade

blackout window roller shade 

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