Motorized shades – home automation

Motorized shades – home automation


Motorized shades - home automation

Have you ever wished that you could control your surroundings at the tip of your finger? Whether that’s turning the lights on from a distance or even being able to turn on the coffee maker when you wake up in the morning, this technology is now being applied to the world of window shades.

Is it accessible?

A few years ago, motorizations and home automation was almost exclusively reserved for businesses and wealthy people since motorized shades were rather expensive. As the demand for this product is growing, this has lowered the cost of motorizations. This has permitted the development and technology to develop motorized window shades. This has also created access to anyone to purchase motorized window shades! Another advantage of motorized shades is that they lower the cost of heating. Imagine programming your window roller shades to close as soon as the sun is too strong in the summer or to open it in the winter to let in the sun’s rays. So, having motorized shades at home is a great way to decrease your heating costs while increasing your comfort and making your life easier!

How does it work?

Motorized shades for window are very similar to a traditional shade in which a motor is inserted which allows the blind to move up or down. The different types of motorizations fall into three main categories; 1-the battery motor, which is the most popular motorization, must be recharged periodically to be able to function properly (6-8 months of autonomy).  2-The second are battery motors but with solar charging. The way these motorizations work is through the installation of a  solar panel that captures daylight to recharge the engine. Note that if there is a lack of light, you can also recharge with the electric charger. 3- Finally, the third category is the wired motor which can be plugged into a conventional wall or be plugged directly into the wall. Note that for the second option, the service of an electrician is required for installation. Since it is very powerful, the wired motor is the most ideal choice for long blinds.

What technology is used? 

Most of the time, owners of home automation tend to use  a controller to open and close their blinds. Although, an other convenient option that is amiable is an application on your smartphone or tablet that allows you to have control of your blinds. Motorized blinds and shades are also compatible with Google Home or Alexa application.

One of the most advantageous aspects of motorized blinds it is the ability to open and close the blinds at specific times on specific days. We also have an option for those who wish to control their windows blinds from anywhere. This includes the ability to control your blinds from outside of the house and even outside of the country! It is possible to add the system which involves a Wifi controller which, has the same options as the bluetooth device software and as well as requiring a strong wifi connection.


The motorization system for blinds, shades and window curtains is reliable and very safe for children since it allows you to remove the chain which can causes danger.

So if you are looking for a trendy, practical, elegant and safe product, motorized shades have many advantages and are the option for you! Our designers are available to share advice on how to integrate motorized home automation into your home environment!