Measuring for cut to size Window Roller Shades

Measuring for cut to size Window Roller Shades


Window roller shades are among the most popular custom roller shades solutions on the market. These shades are an inexpensive, easily customizable option. Roller shades have been a staple in the blind industry for many years and therefore have been tried and tested to be one of the most efficient and dependable products available. Our shades are made with spring loaded technology to make operating the blinds a smooth and effortless experience. They are also available in many control options such as motorization and cordless lift systems.


The best feature of roller shades is that they can be custom made to your exact window dimensions to ensure the most seamless and clean fit possible. But how do you measure for custom cut window roller shades? How do you make sure they will fit once they arrive? Is the measuring process different for inside and outside mount?

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How to measure for custom roller shades

Before purchasing your window roller shades, first you need to determine if you will be mounting the blind inside the window frame suspended from the top, or outside the window frame on the wall of ceiling. You may install the blind outside the frame on the moulding so long as the moulding is flat with no textured dips or grooves. These will inhibit the brackets from being safely and securely screwed into place.  

Once you’ve determined your mounting position, you can begin measuring. For inside mount blinds, you will measure the inside of the window frame using a tape measure. For the width of the blind, measure in three places at the top, middle and bottom, taking the smallest measurement of the three. This will ensure proper fit along the length of the window when the blind is fully descended. For the height, measure in the middle of the inside of the frame from top to bottom. We will add about 8 inches to the height to ensure the roller mechanism is fully covered by fabric when the blind is descended. A good rule of thumb for inside mounted blinds is to measure for the space you want to cover when the blind is fully installed, so the measurement should include the roller mechanism at the top.


The head rail (including any valence options ordered) will be fabricated to your exact measurements, but note that the fabric will be about 1/2” less on either side. For blackout shades that are inside mounted, you may want to order a light gap blocker to eliminate any light coming through that 1/2” gap.


For outside mount the process is much the same as for inside mount however we recommend adding between 1-3 extra inches to ensure the blind will cover the entire moulding outside of the window, as the fabric will be 1/2” less on either side than the head rail, allowing goth frame to peek from the sides when fully descended.


Don’t hesitate to contact on our window covering specialists to aid you with measuring for your custom cut to size window roller shades!