How to choose the right Roller Shades

How to choose the right Roller Shades


 Have you decided its time to redecorate your windows with new shades? If you are looking for something sleek, contemporary and easy to install that wont break the bank, roller shades are the right choice for you! These shades come in a wide variety of colours, textures and styles that will match any indoor decor or theme, but how do you decide which roller shade is the right one for you?

Figuring out your window covering needs

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Before you can decide on a type of roller shade to buy, first you must consider your window covering needs. Here are a few questions to ask before considering your options. What room will the shades be installed? Is the room exposed to a lot of sunlight or visibility from the outside? Do you have very large windows? Do you need to blackout the room, for example a young child’s room that needs complete darkness during the day? Is your main goal to block the light or the visibility? Do you want to prioritize style over function? Once you’ve determined the answers to these questions, you can begin looking at the various types of roller shades.

There are three types of roller shades: blackout shades, translucent shades and solar shades. Blackout shades offer total privacy and impede any light from passing through the shade. Translucent shades offer privacy while filtering the light to softly illuminate the space. Solar shades are an economic option available in a wide selection of varying percentages of light filtering fabrics that block the harmful UV rays of the sun, effectively reducing the heat coming into your home in the hot summer months while still allowing visibility to the outside. Now that you know the various characteristics of the different kinds of roller shades, you can decide which type works best for your needs.

Deciding on design and customizations

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Once you’ve determined what kind of roller shade would function the best for your needs, you can focus on choosing the aesthetic of your shades. Roller shades are known for being made with fabrics that come in almost limitless options to choose from in terms of colour, texture and style. You can choose fabrics that can be matte, glossy or even sheer in a wide variation of colour palettes. There are also many patterned fabrics for a more colourful or original look.

There are many ways to customize your window shades. You can add a decorative valence or cassette made of aluminum or PVC with matching fabric insert for a clean, polished look. The chains for roller shades are a plastic chain loop beaded design that comes in a selection of colours. Try a stainless for a contemporary touch!

If you are looking for a shade that is child safe, consider getting a cordless system. You can have cordless lifting system that allows the blind to be hand operated. For a smooth seamless control there is a motorized system that makes opening and closing your shades a breeze!