How to best block light using a roller shade

How to best block light using a roller shade

How to best block light using a roller shade

Regardless of the reason for which you require darkness in your home during the daylight hours, whether it be you have a young child who naps during the day or you work atypical hours and require sleep during the day, or you have a home theatre, light leaking into your room can be a real nightmare.

            Choosing a blackout roller shade is an effective way to block the light during the daytime. However, even if you install an blackout window covering, light will still seep from the edge of the window which cannot be completely sealed due to the manufacturer having to subtract 1/8 of an inch. This is even more true when your blind is installed inside the window frame. By design, the canvas mechanism is wider than this. These small spaces exist to prevent the canvas or fabric from rubbing against the edge of the window when pulled down and thus damaging the canvas.

light blocker
light blocker

How best to stop these small lines of light illuminating your room?

First, taking the correct measurements of your blackout roller shade will go a long way in minimizing light leakage. Our professionals are experts in this type of situation and will know how to take the least restrictive measures possible.

Opt for an outside mount rather than an inside mount installation. Before choosing the outside or inside mount, make sure that the installation is done correctly for best results. Installing your blind on the outside of the window frame will cover your entire window and thus eliminate all light from coming into your room. For this we must calculate a wider margin to cover the window well.

What about additional light blockers?

Light blockers are the preferred way to have a completely dark room. They are available made to measure for your window framing and provide optimal light blocking power. There are many different methods that are attempted to block the light, but our light blockers are the only way to achieve the best and cleanest looking results.

They should be installed on either side of the canvas as close as possible to increase efficiency. These useful little rails, known as light blockers, can be placed on the sides and on the base of the window and are easy to install and are also inexpensive!

If we add to this system an adhesive strip on the top of the window between the frame and the border of the canvas, then no rays of sunlight will be able to penetrate into the room. For best results, seek expert help.

Do your existing blackout roller shades light pass on the sides?

At Window Roller, we have the solution to remedy this small inconvenience. We offer light blockers will all our blackout roller shades, including Dusk, Matte Vinyl and Essence.

Let our designers suggest the perfect solution for you. One call and we take care of everything! All you have to do is enjoy your new window coverings with peace of mind.