Advantages to Solar Shades

Advantages to Solar Shades

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Advantages to Solar Shades

            Do you require a window covering for your home office or playroom? Are you looking for something that will block the harsh light while still allowing some illumination? When choosing a window covering, consider the multiple advantages to having solar shades!

            Windows are the main path to let in sunlight to warm and illuminate your home and that's why you should always cover them with the right solution for your space. When choosing a window shade for your home, consider the multiple benefits of a solar window shade. Here are 5 advantages of solar shades:

1 - Reduce energy costs

Solar shades are one of the best options for solving the problem of increasing energy bills. By filtering out excess sunlight, its shades lower indoor temperatures in the warmer months and can help lower home electricity bills.

2 - Preserves the view while maintaining privacy

You might think that covering windows will automatically block the view to the outside, but that's not always the case. The solar fabric is tightly woven, which obstructs much of the sunlight, while still allowing visibility through the shade. Similarly, if you would like to obscure the view from outside while still allowing some light in, these shades softly diffuse the light will effectively blocking the view form outside!

Solar shades are available in different opacity percentages (1% -10%) which balance the amount of sunlight that passes through and the visibility from the outside. For more visibility, opt for a model with a higher percentage - but also note that more light will pass. If you want to block more light in order to better preserve your privacy, opt for a model with a lower percentage.

3 - Reduce glare to improve productivity and comfort

Another benefit of solar window coverings is that they reduce glare. By reducing glare, it prevents reflection on the computer screen so you can work without any disturbance. It is the first choice not only for home office spaces, but also for commercial spaces, waiting rooms or work desks.

4 - Made with UV resistant, flame retardant and anti microbial materials

Solar shades provides UV protection - depending on the model, they can block up to 99% of the sun's rays. By reducing incoming UV rays, blinds help protect your health and your furniture. These shades are not only resistant to rays, but their antimicrobial and fire retardant materials protect your valuable possessions and meet the premium standards that insurers demand as a standard in commercial buildings.

5 - Large selection of fabrics and accessories

These solar window shades are considered a designer favourite because of their versatile appearance with a range of colors and textures that can easily match any style. The other advantage of this window covering is that it can be personalized with different accessories such as a selection of cassettes, motorization, inverted or standard roller, stainless still chains or even come in a sleek cordless option.

Whether you want to block out daylight, save money on electricity costs, or add a little style to your home, consider the benefits of a solar shade!

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