What are the most popular window roller shades?

What are the most popular window roller shades?

window roller shades

What are the most popular window roller shades?

Window roller shades are a type of window covering that is not only useful for controlling light but is also a useful and elegant way to decorate your space.

There are three main different types of roller shades: Solar shades, light filtering roller shades and blackout roller shades. One of the most inconvenient factors to consider when buying window roller shades is that they may get stuck when opening and closing. Not to worry, our roller shades are composed of a rollease mechanism that allow them to be raised and descend in a smooth manner.


Solar shades are one of the most popular options for roller shades. This type of shade is popular due to their ability to create privacy within your room while also allowing some light to filter through. These shades are offered in different forms of coverage percentages; 1%, 3%, 5% and 10%.


If your goal is to have a high level of privacy and minimal light filtering through, the 1% or 3% options are the best options for you! The tightly weaved fabric of these shades allows some light to show through the small holes while the thickness of the fabric blocks out remaining light. If you are looking for a greater amount natural light to filter in through your window roller shades, the 5% or 10% options are more suitable.


Our window stylists and specialists are available to assist with throughout the process! We also offer free samples to provide a clear idea of what to expect before receiving your high quality roller shades.


Light filtering roller shades are one of the most ideal ways to block some light from entering your space while maintaining some natural lighting.


The lightweight fabric of these roller blinds allows light to shine in while also creating some privacy. These window roller shades are a popular option for office spaces, living areas and kitchens. Their ability to reduce the amount of glare makes them useful for rooms that contain electronic items with screens.


One of the benefits to light filtering roller shades along with most types of roller shades is that they are customizable and can add a decorative accent and personality to your space. Some of the options that are available are valences and cordless options. The three types of motorizations available are also a popular addition to any space!


Blackout roller shades are the most ideal option for those looking for the maximum amount of light blockage within a space. These window roller shades completely block out any light shining in through your window.


Blackout roller shades are offered in a variety of fabric and colors that will compliment any space. The selected color will be shown within your room and the other side of the blind will be white in color.


Our 5 year warranty for the fabric of your blinds and lifetime mechanism not only allows you to be getting a high quality window roller shade and will definitely be an amazing fit in any home or space!