Block light gaps from roller shades with light blockers

Block light gaps from roller shades with light blockers

Block light gaps from roller shades with light blockers

Window roller shades are one of the most useful types of light blocking shades. These shades are an ideal option for rooms that require complete darkness in a space during hours of the day where light shines through. Roller shades are useful for bedrooms or office spaces for the reason that these spaces tend to receive a large amounts of sunlight that may be unwanted. They are also often recommended for blocking light in the bedroom of a child or newborn. With light blockers you can even block out even more light.

light blocker
light blocker

Blackout Roller Shades

During the day, having light shine through a window in a space that requires complete darkness can be a difficult factor to control. Blackout roller shades product options on our website allows you to have a selection of shades to choose from that vary from different types of material and a wide selection of colors. Blackout roller shades are composed of one side of the shade that faces outside that is white and the other side of the shade that faces within your room will be a color that you select.

Measuring your windows

One of the main aspects to consider before purchasing your roller shade is taking down the correct measurements. Since these window rollers are made to measure, it is important to make sure that the blind you are ordering will be able to cover the size of your window. It is essential that you check you review your measurements more than once before placing your order. Having another person look over your measurements or having them taken by a professional is also ideal in assuring that you will block out the maximum amount of light.

When considering the installation of your roller shades, selecting an outside mount tends to provide a higher amount of coverage in comparison to the inside mount. This option allows for maximum coverage although roller shades can be installed as an inside or outside mount.

Light blocker

Do you still have a small amount of light entering through the sides of your window? Light blockers are the solution for you! Although roller shades are very efficient at blocking out light, sometimes they are unable to completely prevent light from seeping in through the sides of your window.

The design of roller shades prevents the fabric of the blind from getting damaged from the window’s edges therefore, roller shades are created with a small space in between the window and shade.

The space between your window and roller shade can easily be blocked using a light blocker.

The way this product works is that it is an adhesive piece that can be placed at the edges and bottom of your window where the light shines through. This product can be added to any window and is essential if you are looking for a product that will block any amount of light. It is easily installed and can all be done without needing a professional!


Our simple solutions for the most effective light blockage will allow you to enjoy your new shades. If any further assistance is required, our professionals are more than happy to provide their recommendations!